Dec 06, 2016

Types Of Netbook DVD Drivers

Nowadays, netbooks are very popular in the laptop market because of its smaller size and low price as compare to usual laptops. However, there are some features amazon laptop stand which don’t exist in netbooks and sometimes this thing causes problems for netbook users. One of this is the absence of optical device which causes problems for user to install any program or reinstalling a new operating system in netbook. DVD drive is very important for laptop users and the absence of optical drives usually prevents buyers from purchasing a netbook and thus buyers prefer to purchase a laptop on netbook which results in high cost for them. However, here is a solution now. There are several netbook dvd drives available in the market. These dvd drives are actually a kind of external drive which you can connect with your netbook and can run a DVD on it just like other usual DVDs. These netbook DVD drives are not much costly, and anyone can purchase it with a netbook. In this article, I will discuss types of netbook dvd drives which you can purchase from any laptop outlet.

There are two major types of dvd drives, which are available in the market. The first one is lightweight portable DVD drive, and the second is standard DVD drive. Lightweight portable dvd drive is a bit costly as compare to standard drive. However, the portable DVD drive has an advantage of being USB powered. It means that you can connect this drive though a USB port with your netbook. Its light weight makes it easy to use, and you can carry anywhere. You can keep it in your netbook bag and can use whenever you want. So if you need an optical device very frequently, then you should purchase this type of netbook  drive.

On the other hand, you can also consider the option of standard dvd drive. It’s just a simple drive which is being used in desktop computers. Even so, now you can use it with your laptop or netbook though a specific wall outlet. This type of dvd drive needs a wall outlet which converts its serial port to USB port, and thus you can easily connect it with your machine. Here you can say that it is just a customization of a standard drive in order to make it compatible with netbook. This type of DVD drive is not much popular because of its big size and heavy weight. However, if you don’t need an optical device frequently, then this drive can also fulfill your need.