Dec 19, 2016

Regular Exercise Treatment

Regular exercise is carried out for 15 to 30 minutes to be one way of treatment of male erectile dysfunction. Regular exercise 15 to 30 minutes each day has been shown to nourish the body, increase libido, reduce stress levels and blood flow to the genitals of men. Consequently gradually be overcome erectile dysfunction and erection can be normal again. You can also read breast implants articles here.

Men who exercise regularly have a risk of erection problems is lower. In fact, after age 50 years, his erection better than those who did not exercise. Men are affected by erectile dysfunction is not discouraged. Because there are many ways that can be used to cure the disease. If the people affected by erectile dysfunction consult a doctor diligently to solve the problem ..

In addition to the diligent exercise, handling erection problems need to know in advance the exact cause. If erectile dysfunction is caused due to diseases such as diabetes, blood sugar problems should be controlled first. If due to obesity, the weight must be reduced first. Therefore, men’s health in general is closely linked to the health condition of a man that is a vital part of the penis. Even Mr P man greatly influenced by his health condition.

As Pfizer survey titled Ideal Sex Survey 2011 shows, men with erection hardness scale 3 (analogous to having such violence sausage) more often experience health problems than men with optimal erectile or like cucumber (scale 4). Men with erectile scale 3 in general suffer from various chronic diseases such as diabetes (23 percent), high blood pressure (21 percent), obesity (13 percent), premature ejaculation (64 percent), liver disease (8 percent), and health conditions other (22 percent).

Men who like sausage or penile erection hard enough but not optimally describe the condition of poor health. Usually they have a problem with blood vessels so that the cells of existing blood vessels in the penis is not completely filled with blood.

The survey results also showed, 62 percent of men with erection or the erection hard scale score (EHS) 3 more frequently visit a doctor than 51 percent of men with penile hardness scale of 4. EHS is a simple self-test, validated, and demonstrated the degree of erection hardness scale with the size 1-4. Scale 1 is the tape penis enlarged, but not hard. Scale 2 is the banana, the penis hard, but not hard enough for penetration. The scale of 3 sausages, penis hard enough, but not very loud. The ideal is a scale of 4 or cucumber.

Erection hardness were also associated with the happiness of living men. The survey results stated that men with erection “cucumber” was two times more satisfied with their household relationships than men erections “sausages”.