Jan 06, 2017


If you are hoping to gain customers for your business, start by increasing traffic to your webpage by taking advantage of social media networks. influencer marketing agency Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are among the most popular social media platforms, and have brought word of mouth advertising to the internet world. There has never been any advertising platform that works better and is more reliable than word of mouth. Someone likes your work and recommends you to a friend. They tell another friend, and so on and so on.

Businesses are built on word of mouth and referrals. Make no mistake about it, social media is the word of mouth you need to gain customers in the online world. It’s really quite a simple and effective way to start increasing traffic to your business or web page.

In the pre-internet years, Sally Smith would share her day with a friend over coffee, and mention a new business she’d found and how much she liked it. These days, Sally shares her day over social media sites. So, rather than telling just one friend about something she likes, she is now telling everyone she knows. Friends, colleagues and relatives are given a word of mouth referral all in a few quick keystrokes of a status update.

It’s instant, it’s amazing and it works. The simple truth is, if you’re not using social media to support your business efforts, you are losing out on valuable customers, business and money.

It’s easy to get started. Set up a facebook fan page for others to like. Start a twitter account for your business and send out a couple tweets every day. Give the customers who like you an easy way to follow you. Be fresh in their mind, so when a friend asks Sally about your product or service, she can easily direct them to the link.

Tweets and Like buttons have replaced the business cards that people like Sally used to carry in their purse. Instead of taking a card, we now follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook. The cell phone is now a portable office, address book and directory, so Sally has complete access to any information she wants to pass to a friend. This gets passed along on the spot, from anywhere to anyone. How many times have you pulled out your cell phone and done this very thing yourself?

Social media sites add a sense of validity to your business which will only serve to help you when it comes to increasing traffic. A simple tweet offering a daily discount; a status update showcasing a new product offer; a 3 minute instructional or demonstration video on one of your big sellers. These are the things that will help you gain customers., and ultimately strengthen your business.